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Pitch Burst Hire - Dunk Tank Alternative

Dunk Tank Hire/ Pitch-burst Hire

Have fun soaking your head teacher or boss under this great game for all ages. Sit your enemy under the water and as soon as you hit the target they will get drenched by the water bucket above their head.

  • Unique, new and always fun for: parties, fund-raisers, corporate and community events, carnivals, camps, promotions and more. Easy play for families, young kids, pre-teens and teens, adults of any age!
  • Simplest low-risk water game you can find for special events - the water falls, people don't, so there are no size, age or physical restrictions.

  • Not just water -- you can play with confetti in the balloons...or "slime"...or flour...or any fun "fillings" -- see "10 Great Ways to Play Pitch-burst®" (below)

  • As much fun to watch as it is to play - they'll line up by the hundreds to try and splursh a VIP; non-playing kids even line up to sit and get splurshed!

  • Goes anywhere - even plays well indoors when it's cold outside (see "7 Great Ways to Play"). Minimum space needed is only about 10' by 10'.

  • Low water use -- delivers an entertaining splursh! with as little as a quart of water, and a total soaking with just a gallon in an 11-inch balloon

  • Unlike traditional dunk tanks, there's no need for trailers, electric or plumbing hookups, or 500-gallon fill-ups & can be set up in 5 minutes or less.

7 Great Ways To Play Pitch-burst

1. CLASSIC - Use full 11" or 12" water balloons. Pitch the ball, hit the target and SPLURSH! Extra fun for fund raisers when you charge anything from £1 to £5 for 3 throws. Sometimes kids will line up and pay just to sit in the chair to be the one splurshed!

2. LITE - Fill balloons with 1 quart (or less) of water, inflate the rest with air. Same fun action, less water used (good when it's chilly out, or you're indoors with a kiddie pool to catch the Splursh water).

3. CONFETTI - Use confetti instead of water in balloons (make your own with a funnel, or buy hand-filled confetti balloons from us). Great for indoors, or when your VIP good sport really doesn't want to get wet! Also adds a great popping sound!

4. SLIME! (OR APPLE-SAUCE OR PUDDING) - Kids have seen it on TV, so make it happen for wild and crazy events. Insert food-colored apple-sauce or pudding through a funnel (fill about 1/2 full) and inflate the rest with air. Be prepared to clean up, though.

5. FLOUR - In a POP! your splurshee looks like a powdered doughnut! Funnel in simple white flour (about 1/2 cup does fine), and fill the rest with air. Nice variety especially for indoor fun.

6. MYSTERY SPLURSH! - Unique combo game first used in London: Fill 4 opaque, numbered balloons: one each with water, flour, pudding, confetti. Let your Splurshee choose which number balloon they want to sit under - nobody knows what they'll get hit with until the target's hit. Great crowd excitement builder!

7. FUNNELLED FUEL - This one's unique for the pub or spring break crowd. Fill balloons with your favourite beverage (from tap makes it easiest). Splurshee sits in chair below the balloon, holding wide funnel in their mouth. When target's hit and balloon bursts, Splurshee gets a funnel full to drink. (Caution: see special note below.)

Please Note: Your operator is responsible for user safety playing Pitch-burst®. Please dispose of broken balloons immediately, and keep all balloons away from small children. Playing Pitch-burst® games, including those listed above, should be supervised by competent and responsible adults to avoid dangerous conditions and behaviours.

Please note: we work closely along side the UK's best bouncy castle manufacturer who have given us access to there hire fleet. This enables us to bring you the biggest, best and most up to date inflatables around. This is a 3rd party item from them that we have access to, therefore to book this item please get in touch with us via the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page for availability and bookings. For Mobile Phone users just press on the telephone number to be directly connected.

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Suitable for: Adults & Children

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